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The success achieved so far is a result of the talent he possesses, making him connect emotionally with the music and further bring love and emotion to the audience. The following description and narrative that you will read will give you an overview that reflects and visually informs about my journey so far. As a child, I understood that music is a part of life, being presented in the game and in the family with an interpretation almost as if it happened in a concert. Born in Pejë, in a city with a tradition in music, also in a family of musicians, raised and surrounded in musical environments, it was inevitable not to start the love and passion for professional musical development ... Ending as a singer now, was not part of my thoughts but remained only a secret desire. My first step was in piano and music school, where the successes were not small. Participating in competitions was always there, but my interest was wider, that's why I started to get to know him in interpretation and to play the clarinet instrument as well. I was the only female clarinetist, but the greatest privilege was the successful work, which was always valued to the maximum. The Talent Show "The Voice Of Albania" awakened an unquenchable desire in me to try my way as a singer, so I dared and tried. My expectations were quite low, compared to my achievements there. Of course, this helped me penetrate the public, winning their hearts, which made me stronger to continue and push forward in what I wanted. After "The Voice of Albania", I started to bring different projects, I was part of different festivals, where in some of them I received the first prize, things that were very valuable to me. In this show, I managed to be a vocalist who expresses emotion in the performance, where during this edition I won the heart of the audience and the general public, and this made me go to the final evening. During this time I was more dominant in the genre of ROCK Music, especially in the alternative one. The image achieved in this musical genre still haunts me. But being filled musically and advancing professionally, the desire for exploration made me curious, to try other musical currents, and in this way I started to sing in addition to rock in the entertainment genre as well as the popular one. This made it possible to appear in other festivals such as "Top Fest", "Magic Song" and "Kosovarja Këndon", this national festival where I won the first place of the jury and the media award. The road was long and I will continue, it was challenging and will continue to be even further, but I like it and it is exactly what I am looking for from life. Music, life is full of music, and that's exactly what I'm doing, every day I'm one step closer to success. Without a doubt, it is a bit tiring, for various reasons, because the journey I chose is not easy at all, but with dedication and love for work, all can be achieved and overcome. Albina Kelmendi

Albina & Familja Kelmendi - Duje | Albania 🇦🇱 | Official Music Video | Eurovision 2023

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